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Liz C.


Let's see...where should I begin? Where officially does a "bio" begin anyway? Here...let me tell you a little bit about my "buzy" life. {This is in reference to my e*mail tag. That just about sums up that part of my bio anyway: One big, busy life!} Well, here's why. I am 37 and live in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I married Mike - a guy I met on vacation waaaaaaaaaaaay back in  the summer of '86. Then going into my senior year of high school. This year we will be married 15 years. We have twin boys, Geno and Joseph, who are now seven. And just a month ago we added a new addition to our boys: Roman Anthony, born May 2!

I love music {except country and most rap} and I love to write. I graduated from Panther Valley High School in Lansford, PA and went on to graduate from Marywood {then College} University with a BA in Communication/Radio-TV. I have worked in retail, manufacturing, print media, and now part-time for a locally-owned company that stores and processes claim forms and paper records for various clients.

My husband and I have always enjoyed going to concerts. I've been to SOOO many throughout the years I could never name them all! Aerosmith is my favorite though! And I've met my share of musicians as well! What fun!

I also love to travel when time and money allow. I went to Cancun last year with my girlfriend. Otherwise traveling with the family is the norm. Due to the new baby, don't think I will venture too far from home this summer. You can check out more about me at my webpage on

Page updated 4/20/14

Liz no longer works for our site, but we appreciate all she did for us!

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