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I was born in Washington, D. C., on 31 October, 1948, and began my formal education in a special program the D. C. Public Schools had in those days for handicapped children (I am legally blind). After my second-grade year where, as is said, I "got away with murder," I was transferred to the Maryland School for the Blind on the Northern edge of Baltimore. That was _INDEED_ the right move to make, and, after having to repeat the Third Grade because of that unproductive Second-Grade year, I went on to eventually complete high school there, taking some classes in a Baltimore-County Public High School during my last two years in order that I might obtain an accredited diploma, college/university then being in view for me. I never went due to some personal issues, but, within a few years after graduation, was working at an agency for the blind here in Washington in various capacities, which work continued until late 1990. I needed to be out of this area after that for a personal reason, and did not return until July of 2002 when I would regard myself as retired, though earlier than many. I visited England 9 times between 1977 and 1990, _MOST_-important events in my life! Two special interests of mine are in so-called Classical Music and in various types of ceremony, particularly military. I am old-fashioned, particularly in my use of the language and in my personal attitude about forms of address. The two soaps to which I listen, and concerning which I hope to occasionally write, are Y&R & B&B.

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NOTE: J.V. no longer works for our site, but we're grateful for his past help.

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