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Julie E.

I'm Julie and I am 17 years old. I live in NY. I love Soap Operas. Mainly NBC and ABC. I watch Days Of Our Lives, One Life to Live, General Hospital, All My Children, and Passions. I love to role-play and write fanfiction. I actually write on www.fanfiction.net under the name Juliethedreammaker. I am a senior in high school. I love to read, write, talk to people online and meet new friends online.

I watch GH for the potential of Nikolas and Courtney, Dillon and Georgie, Alexis and Ric, and Sonny and Carly (pre-Jennifer Bransford), I also liked Jason and Courtney. On OLTL, I am a fan of Natalie and John, Antonio and Jessica, Kevin and Kelly, and Rex and Adriana. On AMC I like Zach and Kendall and I loved Greenlee and Leo when he wasn't dead. On DAYS I like Mimi and Shawn, and Chloe and Brady. On Passions I only like Theresa and Ethan. Down GWEN!

I also watch Alias, Gilmore Girls, Reunion, The O.C. and a lot of other Primetime shows.

I write top ten lists for GH, I write an Opinion Column for OLTL, and Trivia quizzes for AMC, I also wrote a review for the new primetime show Reunion so check it out.

Page updated 4/19/14

NOTE: Julie no longer works for our site, but we're grateful for her past help.

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