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Camille R.

Camille lives in upstate New York with her husband, their son and their two cats. She and her husband ran a CCG store which dealt with trading cards, RPG games and video games until late 2003 when the opportunity to pursue new careers presented itself. The physical storefront was closed and the family moved upstate where they soon bought their first house. At present Camille spends her days redecorating, running after her 2 year old and working as a traveling personal assistant on an average of 3 days a week as well as writing part time for soap sites. When she’s not writing, she and her hubby sit side by side at their desktops and play Diablo 2, Everquest, Pogo and the Sims 2. They still deal with CCG cards and RPG games, but most of their work is done online.

Camille has been an avid watcher of the Young and Restless for over 15 years as well as The Bold and Beautiful. She discovered As the World turns 3 years ago and now counts that as her favorite soap. Camille also watches Las Vegas, all the Law and Orders, CSI, House, American Idol, Fear Factor, Nip/ Tuck, BH90210 reruns and Survivor.

Page updated 4/19/14

NOTE: Camille no longer works for our site, but we're grateful for her past help.

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