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Adam G.

I was born and raised mostly in Texas, mostly because we lived in Florida for 2 years, since my dad's company needed him down there or something. Talk about humidity! O_o lol

I was also raised in a Christian household, and am now thankful to my parents for forcing me to go to church when I was little. I wouldn't know what I do now, and might not even be here, since any thought of suicide never got at all serious or lasted very long, since it came along with the thought of what I would be seeing next: the Judgment. Not so much whether I'd go to Heaven or Hell, but that He would be angry with the things I've done, including suicide, which as far as I was concerned, would've been a few seconds ago.

I've also gone on 3 mission trips now, with my youth group. Mission trips are awesome! Not always fun or whatever, but always purposeful, since on our second one, at the end of one day, another youth group on missions passing through the area had a wreck and one of them was killed.

My last mission trip was to Mexico, to the cities of Nava and Sarajevo, if I remember the spelling right. Nava had a little shack the size of a small bedroom, covered in black tar paper, used as a church building (so small cuz of the Catholic church nearby, and they might not have been there too long, I don't think I knew). We covered that in tin, and proceeded to build the foundation for a bathroom they had dug a giant hole for already.

I also like helping people in daily life as the opportunity arises, according to my ability (usually math and computers). I've also found that I help myself out too, in the process, since I end up more willing to do things I need to do myself. To that end, I think it helps to have ADD (Attention Deficit), lol! One of the major places I help people is in the Success Connection at college, where I volunteer as an unofficial tutor. ADD helps by making me notice when I see sudden movement, like someone's hand going up, in my peripheral vision.

While I'm on the subject of "bad" things that help, I also have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and TS (Tourette Syndrome), and also had a very good but very bad childhood. Good because I "had it good", but blew all the bad stuff, much of it little or nonexistent, way out of proportion, so that in effect, I hated both life and people, and thought they hated me. I see this as having helped me by making me sensitive to other people's problems, and able to relate and give advice, even if not all the time. It also has probably made me appreciate things in general more, even if I am still somewhat prone to bursts of anger. OCD helps by making me generally not give up on things I set my mind to do...not that this or any of the other things can't be brought to be by other means, though. And TS lets me multitask my studies and workout O_o (or at least I like to say it does :) lol).

My interests include:
-computers, mainly with respect to software (hardware circuitry boggles my mind to no end!)
-music (listening to) of several genres but almost exclusively Christian
-pictures of many things, like scenery, especially of vivid colors or water mirrors, explosions, games, animals, especially cats, funny stuff...
-I love to mess with all kinds of preferences on my computer...sound sets, icons, cursors, themes for programs (not for Windows for some reason)...
-I also like math, especially calculus. In Calc 2, we learned how to take a 2D graph and rotate it around an axis to make a 3D volume, I thought that was totally awesome, lol
-and, how could I forget, games! except for puzzle games, though, I try to remain an ex-gamer, since I felt convicted last year that it was finally time to give them up permanently (non-puzzle ones, since those were always the problematic ones). But the genres I liked the most were FPS (including giant mech combat), RTS, RPG, and occasionally racing. My favorite games of all time were Marathon 2: Durandal (FPS), Total Annihilation (RTS), and Earthsiege (giant mech combat). As far as puzzles, I've played the first two Dr. Brain games, Myst 1 and 3 (I've tried 2, but erg!), and will be starting 4 sometime soon, and a game called Timelapse, which, sadly, I somehow broke one of the CDs, and we never finished...that was the one my dad played with me too...

Page updated 4/19/14

NOTE: Adam no longer works for our site, but we're grateful for his past help.

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