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Cherie C.


I enjoy writing the “The Young and the Restless” short summary recaps. I have been watching the show for over 30 years. I also watch other soap operas but not faithfully and often times I will fast forward through scenes. I have enjoyed writing since I was 8. My childhood dream was to write a book someday. While I enjoy writing there never seems to be enough time between working a full time job, raising a child and caring for a pet. My only child went off to college at The Ohio State University a few months ago so you would think I would have more time. I work as a Data Analyst at an insurance company and often get to write financial commentary which satisfies the writer in me for now. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working out, swimming, reading, photography, playing with my new cat, traveling, eating healthy and trying new recipes and watching movies, especially Christmas movies. Of course I also look forward to when my son comes home for visits from college. This is the first year I will not be attending my son's baseball and basketball games or school events, so I'm still navigating what to do without these fun events. I volunteered to write short summary recaps for this website to help me get back into writing and also because I am very familiar with the soap. My favorite male character is Jack Abbott and female characters are Sharon and Phyllis. I couldn't choose between these two ladies. I love seeing the outfits and hairstyles of all of the women on the show. I also think some of the best acting is in soaps and I truly appreciate the lengthy dialogue and large amount of screen time that is required.

I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and absolutely love the four seasons, even winter which may seem odd. I live close to Lake Erie so the weather stays warm into October. This allows me to swim in my pool even in mid-October. I love to travel and have been to Grand Cayman three times and can give a ton of advice on traveling to this island. I am so excited to have found this opportunity to write about something that I enjoy and know so much about to share with others.

Page updated 11/5/18

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