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Anna Lee TV Credits


Robert Montgomery Presents "The Citadel" (June 19, 1950)
   HOST-Robert Montgomery
   GUEST STARS-Robert Montgomery, Angela Lansbury, Anna Lee

The Clock "The Checked Suit" (August 11, 1950)
   NARRATOR-Larry Semon
   GUEST STARS-Leon Tolatyan, Anna Lee

The Ford Theatre Hour "The Marble Faun" (October 6, 1950)
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, Alan Shayne, Sally Chamberlain, Wesley Addy

The Web "Mirror Of Delusion" (November 1, 1950)
    HOST-Jonathan Blake
   GUEST STARS-Grace Kelly, Anna Lee, Mary Stuart, Hugh Franklin

The Kraft Television Theatre "Sixteen" (November 8, 1950)
   ANNOUNCER-Ed Herlihy
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, Patricia Crowley, Donald Curtis

Somerset Maugham Theatre "The String Of Beads" (November 29, 1950)
   HOST-W. Somerset Maugham
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, John Van Dreelan

The Lux Video Theatre "To The Lovely Margaret" (Feb 19, 1951)
    HOST-James Mason
    GUEST STARS-Margaret O'Brien (Margaret)
                            Skip Homeier (Kirk)
                            Anna Lee (Julia)
                            Ivan Simpson (Professor Adams)
                            Pat Gaye (Jackie)

The Ford Theatre Hour "Peter Ibbetson" (May 18, 1951)
   GUEST STARS-Richard Greene, Stella Andrew, Anna Lee, Iris Mann, Ivan Simpson

The Web "Wanted, Someone Innocent" (June 20, 1951)
   HOST-Jonathan Blake
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, Diana Olsen, Peter Pagan

The Pulitzer Prize Playhouse "Monsieur Beaucaire" (March 12, 1952)
   GUEST STARS-Vincent Price, Anna Lee, Audrey Meadows

Robert Montgomery Presents "The Truth About Blayds" (April 28, 1952)
   HOST-Robert Cummings (Guest Host)
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, Leslie Barry, Romney Brent

Robert Montgomery Presents "The Ringmaster" (May 26, 1952)
    HOST-Robert Montgomery
   GUEST STARS-Paul Lukas, Vincent Price, Anna Lee

Kraft Television Theatre "Indian Summer" (August 20, 1952)
   ANNOUNCER-Ed Herlihy
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, Edmond Ryan, Russell Hardie, Jayne Meadows

The Lux Video Theatre "The Country Doctor" (October 20, 1952)
   NOTE:Miss Lee only appeared in a LIVE presentation of a commercial

The Armstrong Circle Theatre "Run to the Magic" (February 16, 1954)
   HOST-Sandy Becker
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, John Archer

The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse "The Loner" (March 27, 1955)
   HOSTESS-Polly Bergan
   GUEST STARS-Peter Votrian, Anna Lee, Hayden Rorke

Studio '57 "The Stalking Horse" (April 12, 1955)
   GUEST STARS-Paul Langton (Hal Cutter)
                           Jeanne Bates (Ellie Cutter)
                           Anna Lee (Fran)
                           Pamela Duncan (Jane)

Shirley Temple's Storybook "The Little Lame Prince'" (July 15, 1958)
   HOSTESS-Shirley Temple
   GUEST STARS-Lorne Greene, Rex Thompson, Anna Lee

Peter Gunn "Sister Of The Friendless" (December 22, 1958)
   SERIES CAST-Craig Stevens, Lola Albright, Herschel Bernardi, Hope Emerson
   GUEST STARS-Paul Carr, Marcel Dalio, Charity Grace, Collette Jackson, Anna Lee, Mario Siletti

The Further Adventures Of Ellery Queen "Death Likes It Hot" (January 30, 1959)
    SERIES CAST-Les Tremayne
    GUEST STARS-Kent Smith, Anna Lee, Julie Bennett, Vivi Janis

Hawaiian Eye "Beach Boy" (November 18, 1959)
    SERIES CAST-Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Poncie Ponce
    GUEST STARS-Troy Donahue (Pete)
                            Anna Lee (Donna Lane)
                            Faith Domergue (Ompri)
                            Robert Lowery (Carlton Lane)
                            Robert Warwicke (Fiji)
                            Doug Mossman (Marty)

Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond "Where Are You?" (February 2, 1960)
   HOST-John Newland
   GUEST STARS-Reba Waters (Laurie)
                           Philip Bourneuf (Carl Mason)
                           Anna Lee (Helen Mason)
                           Phyllis Hill (Phyllis Warren)
                           Ross Elliott (George Warren)

The Loretta Young Show "The Unwanted"(May 1, 1960)
    HOSTESS-Lorretta Young
    GUEST STARS-Anna Lee, Robert Bray

Lock Up "Society Matron" (May 7, 1960)
   SERIES CAST-Mac Donald Carey, John doucette, Olive Carey
   GUEST STARS-Richard Bakalyan (Spook)
                           Neil Hamilton (Mr. Mitchell)
                           Anna Lee (Mrs. Mitchell)

Wagon Train "The Colter Craven Story" (November 23, 1960)
   SERIES CAST-Ward Bond, Terry Wilson, Frank McGrath
    GUEST STARS-Carleton Young (Colter Craven)
                            John Carradine (Park)
                             Chuck Hayward (Quentin)
                             Ken Curtis (Kyle)
                            Anna Lee (Alarice Craven)
                            Cliff Lyons (Creel)
                            Paul Birch (Sam Grant)
                            Annelle Hayes (Mrs. Grant)
                            Willis Bouchey (Jesse Grant)
                            Mae Marsh (Mrs. Jesse Grant)
                            Jack Pennick (Drill Sergeant)
                            Hank Worden (Shelley)
                            Charles Seel (Mort)
                             Bill Henry (Krindle)
                            Chuck Roberson (Junior)
                            Dennis Rush (Jamie)
                            Harry Tenbrook (Shelly's Friend)
                            John Wayne (General Sherman) Note: Billed as Wayne Morris

Hawaiian Eye "Swan Song For A Hero" (December 7, 1960)
   SERIES CAST-Anthony Eisley, Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Poncie Ponce
   GUEST STARS-John Van Dreelen (Otto Von Helgren)
                           Robert Lowery (Abner Dexter)
                           Jean Allison (Mary Potts)
                           Anna Lee (Holly Morrison)
                           Dan Tobin (Timmy Yarborough)
                           Paul Dubov (Philip Houser)
                           Mel Prestidge (Lt. Danny Quon)
                           Doug Mossman (Moke)
                           Charles Arnt (Fleems)
                           Sue England (Receptionist)
                           Richard Long (Rex Randolph)
                           Edward Byrnes (Kookie)

Lock Up "The Accused" (April 22, 1961)
   SERIES CAST-Mac Donald Carey, John Doucette, Olive Carey
   GUEST STARS-Audrey Dalton (Susan Carter)
                           Anna Lee(Helen Carter)

Maverick "Diamond Flush" (February 5, 1961)
    SERIES CAST-Roger Moore
    GUEST STARS-Roxane Berard, Dan Tobin, Anna Lee, Carl Esmond, Sig Ruman

77 Sunset Strip "The Diplomatic Caper" (January 26, 1962)
   SERIES CAST-Efram Zimbalist, Jr, Roger Smith, Edd Byrnes, Louis Quinn, Jacqueline Beer, Byron Keith, Robert Logan
    GUEST STARS-Chad Everett, Carolyn Craig, Anna Lee

Checkmate "Rendezvous In Washington" (May 9, 1962)
   SERIES CAST-Anthony George, Doug McClure, Sebastion Cabot
   GUEST STARS-William Allyn (Joel Drake)
                           MacDonald Carey (Frederic Haley)
                           Kathleen Crowley (Pauline Spencer)
                           Robert Gallagher (Senator Van Trent)
                           Russ Grieve (Board Member)
                           Peter Helm (Ted Haley)
                           Anna Lee (Louise Haley)
                           Faye Michael Nuell (Barbara Miles)
                           Maxine Stuart (Dianne Cartwright)

Perry Mason "The Case Of The Unsuitable Uncle" (November 8, 1962)
   SERIES CAST-Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper, William Tallman, Ray Collins
   GUEST STARS-Sean McClory (Harry Fathergill)
                           Liam Sullivan (Dickie Durham)
                           Ford Rainey (Russell Durham)
                           Howard Smith (Frank Warden)
                           George Kane (Gil Simpson)
                           Barbara Parkins (Paula Durham)
                           Anna Lee (Crystal Durham)
                           Charles Irving (Judge)
                           Harvey Korman (Coleman the Bartender)
                           Paula Winslowe (Night Court Judge)
                           Harp McGuire (Officer)
                           Harry Bartell (Handwriting Expert)
                           Fern Barry (Helen the Maid)
                           George E. Stone (Court Clerk)

McHale's Navy "The Day they Captured Santa Clause'" (December 27, 1962)
   SERIES CAST-Ernest Borgnine, Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Carl Ballantine, Gary Vinson, Billy Sands, Edson Stroll, Gavin Mac Leod, John Wright, Yoshio Yoda
   GUEST STARS-Bob Hastings (Lt. Carpenter)
                           Anna Lee (Pamela Parfrey)
                           Noel Drayton (The Commander)
                           Cherylene Lee (Tani)
                           Tom Cound (The Aide)
                           Joe Finnigan (Barney Skyler)
                           Thomas Bellin (The Co-Pilot)
                           Bill Saito (The Japanese Soldier)
                           Yuki Shimoda (Major Simuru)

Dr. Kildare "Ship's Doctor" (April 18, 1963)
    SERIES CAST-Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Massey
    GUEST CAST-Anna Lee (Mrs. frances Alland)
                         Patrick O'Neal (Harvey Robert Jones, M. D.)
                         Elinor Donahue (Sharon Calloway)
                         John Fiedler (D. R. Dromley)
                         Stephen Gierasch (Willie Kovar)
                         Claudine Longet (Mme. Dupres)

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour "Last Seen wearing Blue Jeans" (April 19, 1963)
     HOST-Alfred Hitchcock
   GUEST STARS-Michael Wilding (David Saunders)
                           Anna Lee (Roberta Saunders)
                           Katherine Crawford (Loren Saunders)
                           Randy Boone (Pete Tanner)
                           James Anderson (Vince Cates)
                           Jesse Jacobs (Grosse)
                           Eve McVeagh (Rose Cates)
                           Kreg Martin (Al)
                           Jose DeVega (Gato)
                           Frank Albertson (Tom Batterman)
                           Carlos Romero (Alfau)
                           Tito DeMario (The 1st Youth)
                           Ricky Vera (The 2nd Youth)
                           Paul Fierro (The Priest)
                           Rose Montiel (Maria)
                           Karl Lucas (Mel Tanner)

Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre "Slow Fade To Black" (March 27, 1964)
   HOST-Bob Hope
   GUEST STARS-Rod Steiger, Robert Culp, James Dunn, Sally Kellerman, Anna Lee

Combat! "The Enemy" (January 5, 1965)
   SERIES CAST-Rick Jason, Vic Morrow
    GUEST STARS-Robert Duvall (German Lieutenant)
                            Anna Lee (Sister Lescaut)

Mr. Novak "Faculty Follies" (February 2 & 9, 1965)
     SERIES CAST-James Franciscus, Dean Jagger, Burgess Meredith
     GUEST STARS-Cloris Leachman, Anna Lee

Daniel Boone "The Ben franklin Encounter" (March 18, 1965)
    SERIES CAST-Fess Parker, Albert salmi, Ed Ames, Patricia Blair, Veronica Cartwright, Darby Hinton, Dal McKennon
   GUEST STARS-Laurie Main (Benjamin Franklin)
                           Edward Mulhare (Adm. Lord Clydesdale)
                           Anna Lee (Clara Merivale)
                           James Forrest (Lt. Richard Fergus)
                           Vikki Harrington (Mary Merivale)
                           Albert Carrier (M. Charles Penet)
                           Alan Simpson (Moreland)

My Three Sons "London Memories" (April 12, 1966)
   SERIES CAST-Fred MacMurray, William Demarest, Don Grady, Stanley Livingston, Barry Livingston
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee (Louise Allen)
                           Nora Marlowe (Mrs. Carsten)
                           Richard Peel (Freddy)
                           Ben Wright (Sir Walter Marsden)
                           Nelson Welch (Customer)
                           John Barclay (2nd Cutomer)

Family Affair "Go Home, Mr. French" (September 25, 1967)
     SERIES CAST-Brian Keith, Sebastian Cabot, Kathy Garver, Anissa Jones, Johnny Whitaker
   GUEST STARS-Anna Lee (Lorna Frasier)
                           Cathleen Cordell (Duchess Of Glenmore)
                           Riley Mills (Jonathan)
                           Nicci-Ann Frank (Elizabeth)
                           Merri Wood Taylor (Miss Turner)
                           Patrick Knowles (Duke of Glenmore)

The Felony Squad "Time On Trial" (November 13, 1967)
    SERIES CAST-Howard Duff, Dennis Cole, Ben Alexander, Frank Maxwell, Barney Phillips
   GUEST STARS-Patricia Barry (Ellen Vincent)
                          R. G. armstrong (Arnie Kale)
                          Len Wayward (Fisher)
                          Anna Lee (Martha Lindley)
                          Joe Conley (Cabbie)
                          Paul Napier (Reporter)
                          Elmer Modlin (Doctor)
                          Thom Carney (Ed Parks)

Gunsmoke "Rope Fever" (December 4, 1967)
    SERIES CAST-James Arness, Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, Ken Curtis, Glenn Strange, Buck Taylor
   GUEST STARS- Ralph Bellamy (Sheriff Bassett)
                            Anna Lee (Amy Bassett)
                            George Murdock (Bret Cruber)
                            Ted Gehring (Keno)
                            Ken Mayer (Shad)
                            Sam Gilman (Bates)
                            Dennis Cross (Zeb Butler)
                            Hal Baylor (Luke Summers)
                            Hank Patterson (Hank)
                            Gertrude Flynn (Woman)

Mannix "Edge Of The Knife" (November 9, 1968)
   SERIES CAST-Mike Connors, Gail Fisher
   GUEST STARS-Fritz Weaver
                           Geraldine Brooks
                           Timothy Scott
                           Priscilla Morrill
                           Ford Rainey (Roscoe Bell)
                           Peggy Rea (Nurse Hollister)
                           Anna Lee (Mrs. Harriman)
                           Patrick O'Moore (Mr. Harriman)
                           Christine Matchett (Karen)
                           Eddie Ryder (Henkel)
                           Eve Plumb

Hawaii Five-O "Yesterday Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born" (December 18, 1968)
   SERIES CAST-Jack Lord, James MacArthur
   GUEST STARS-Ellen Corby (Mrs. Featherbee)
                           Al Eban (Dr. Cohen)
                           Vivi Janiss (Emma Trinian)
                           Lani Kai (M.K.)
                           John Larch (Joseph Trinian)
                           Anna Lee (Mrs. McGovern)
                           Douglas Mossman (Lt. Keahola)
                           Paul Picerni (Charlie Mangan)

Mission: Impossible "The Martyr" (March 29, 1970)
   SERIES CAST-Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Leonard Nimoy
   GUEST STARS-John Larch (Rojek)
                           Scott Marlowe (Czerny)
                           Lyn Kellogg (Roxy)
                           Anna Lee (Maria Malik)
                           Ken Swofford (Vaclav)
                           Peter Brocco (Dr. Valari)

The Bold Ones: The Senator "Power Play" (November 1, 1970)
   SERIES CAST-Hal Holbrook, Michael Tolan, Sharon Acker, Cindy Eilbacher
   GUEST STARS-Burgess Meredith (George P. Mallon)
                           Anna Lee (Frances Mallon)
                           Michael C. Gwynne (Whitney)
                           Holly Near (Sylvia)
                           Jon Lormer (Holden Stowe)
                           James McEachin (Hamilton)
                           William Wintersole (Martin Witt)

The F. B. I. "A Gathering Of sharks" (January 14, 1973)
   SERIES CAST-Efram Zimbalist, Jr., Philip Abbott, William Reynolds
   GUEST STARS-David Hedison, Jessica Walter, Jill Haworth, Quinn redeker, Joe Di Reda, Anna Lee

The Streets Of San Francisco "Deadline" (February 15, 1973)
   SERIES CAST-Karl Malen, Michael Douglas
   GUEST STARS-Barry Sullivan (Chris Bane)
                           Geoffrey Deuel (Greg "Peter Anthony" Bane)
                           Greg Mullavey (Roger Croft)
                           Richard Bull (Medical Examiner)
                           David McLean (Harbor Master)
                           Anna Lee (Mrs. Claridge)
                           Thomas Kirk (Roland Claridge)
The F.B.I. "The Killing Truth" (December 9, 1973)
   SERIES CAST-Efram Zimbalist Jr., Philip Abbott, Shelly Novack
    GUEST STARS-Lloyd Nolan
                            Tim O'Connor
                            Anna Lee (Susan Harper)
                            Audrey Landers (Jamie Winchell)
                            David Fresco
                            John Milford

Mannix "The Green Men" (October 20, 1974)
   SERIES CAST-Mike Connors, Gail Fisher
   GUEST STARS-Scott Marlowe, Elisha Cook, Russell Johnson, Anna Lee, Frank Cristi, Chuck Daniel, Scatman Crother

B.J. And The Bear "The Eyes Of texas" (November 10, 1979)
   SERIES CAST-Greg Evigan
   GUEST STARS-Rebecca Reynolds (Detective Heather Fern)
                           Lorrie Mahaffey (Detective Caroline Capoty)
                           Peter Haskell (Jay "Michael" Lawrence)
                           Raymond St. Jacques (Bradley)
                           Ted Gehring
                           Dick Yarmy
                           Roger C. carmel (Morton Jarvis)
                           Anna Lee (Laura Forrester)
Glitter" The Tribute" (October 11, 1984)
    SERIES CAST-David Birney, Morgan Brittany, Christopher Mayer, Dianne Kay, Timothy Patrick Murphy, Tracy Nelson, Barbara Sharma, Arte Johnson, Dorian Harewood, Melinda Culea, Arthur Hill
   GUEST STARS-Helen Hayes, Ruby Keeler, Anna Lee

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