Anna Lee Online--Transcript of Nancy Lee Grahn talking about Anna at Emmys

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Emmy Tribute Pictures

Transcript of Nancy Lee Grahn Interview

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH) was interviewed before the Daytime Emmys about Anna Lee; here is the transcript of that interview.

 Thanks to Minal for the transcript and pics!

Linda:  Listen, let's talk about something serious.
Nancy:  Yes, yes.
Linda:  This last week, Anna Lee passed away. How- how has that been at the show? I mean, it must have been devastating.
Nancy:  You know what? Strangely enough, it's not devastating.
Linda:  It's not? [Two pics of Anna Lee shown here]
Nancy:  Uh, it's celebratory. Because number 1 she lived such a beautiful life and she- she, ya know, passed away so peacefully and so beautifully, as she is, and so gracefully, and that is how I would describe her. So I think people are really sad that they won't see her here anymore but there- they- there..  it's- it's- we're- we're so happy for her that she's had such a beautiful life.
Linda:  Oh my god, 91.
Nancy:  She is every bit-you know what? We never knew that. We would talk about it and she, she would lie.  She would be 90 and she would say I'm really 80.
Linda: I'm really 85.
Nancy:  You know, she looked young and beautiful. She didn't have a wrinkle in her skin and not only that, she.. this woman was a true feminist. She- We've had some pretty good talks, I gotta tell you, and she was always like, you know, just go out there and do it, so.
Linda:  Maybe she's sitting on your shoulder tonight, toots.
Nancy:  You know-
Linda: It's possible!
Nancy:  You know, nothing would make me happier than to have someone that lovely on my shoulder. I can just- She is-
Linda:  Good luck tonight, Nance.
Nancy:  She is- and I know she'll just leave the best memories for us and we will miss her just terribly.
Linda (giving her a hug):  That's so sweet. Love you. (gives her a kiss)
Nancy: Love you too.
Linda: I'll see you inside. Go, Go have fun.

Page updated 8/6/16

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