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Here are some quotes from Ms. Lee from "General Hospital: The Complete Scrapbook" by Gary Warner. 

"I always loved the scene years ago when Edward wanted Lila to sign a document giving him power of attorney. I constantly refused to do it. I was in the spa, mud all over my face, and Edward asks again for Lila to sign it, thinking with mud all over her fact that LIla would not know what she was signing.  Lila signs the papers and Edward leaves very pleased with himself.  Edward goes to his lawyer and shows him the papers.  The lawyer says, 'This is no good.  It is signed "MRS. PRESIDENT LINCOLN.'  I thought that was so funny."

"My agent wanted me to do the role of Lila Quartermaine.  I had never seen a soap opera and wasn't sure if I would like it, so I told her that I would try it for three days and see what it was like. I instantly became hooked and stayed for another 17 years. Most people start in soaps and work their way up to films.  I started in films and moved onto soaps.  But I love it and plan to do it until I am a hundred years old."

"My favorite storyline was when I concocted my million-dollar recipe for relish, Pickle-Lila.  What tickled me about it is that I've never been much of a cook, though I do like to make Yorkshire pudding and trifle!"

"As Lila I'm often described as 'gracious', but my backstage reputation changed after I accidentally rolled by motorized wheelchair over the toes of Stuart Damon who plays my son Alan.  Now when the cast and crew see me barreling down the corridors, they shout, 'Look out, here comes Anna!'  And Leslie Charleson even gave me a crash helmet naming me 'The British Bullet'!"

Page updated 8/6/16

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