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A brief character description of Lila

Lila is the matriarch of the Quartermaine family.  She is the nicest, sweetest, person in the family and the one that everyone loves and respects the most (sometimes the ONLY one that anyone loves and respects).  She has been a good and supporting wife to Edward Quartermaine for decades, despite his problems with fidelity, kindness, or compassion.  He is almost always good to her and knows that he is nothing without her.  (Who else would put up with him?)  But Lila is not weak; she doesn't tolerate dishonesty, rudeness, or people who try to kiss up to her (like Katherine Bell), but she does often act kindly  with people that others often ostracize (Carly, Lucy, Sonny).  She and Luke even flirt!

Lila and Edward have two children, Tracy and Alan.  Tracy is, unfortunately, more like Edward than Lila and is a great disappointment to both.  She doesn't live in town any more.  Alan is a doctor and Chief of Staff so Lila is very proud of him, even when Edward is not.  She is a wonderful grandmother to Jason, AJ, and Emily.  She treats Monica like she is her own daughter.  Edward has had two illegitimate children, Jimmy Lee Holt and Bradley Ward.  Lila forgave Edward for both indiscretions and treated Jimmy Lee, and Bradley's son, like family.  She is always gracious and elegant.  Lila treats everyone the same, servants, family or strangers.  Their butler Reginald is like part of the family and he is Lila's most strident protector.

Lila has been in a wheelchair for a few years now, but it has not altered any of her feistiness.  In family disputes, she is always the one who has the last word with Edward.  If he misbehaves, she often tells him to be quiet.

When the Quartermaines lost all their money to Sean Donely and Monica divorced Alan, they were forced to live in a small apartment above Kelly's Diner.  Lila saved the day by starting her own business with her Pickle-Lila recipe (and the help of her maid, Stella).

The following are excerpts from "General Hospital: The Complete Scrapbook" by Gary Warner.

The upper-crust Quartermaines were one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in the state of New York.  The crusty family patriarch, Edward, had amassed a great fortune through his world-renowned conglomerate ELQ.

"Making money keeps my arteries open," he often announced to no one in particular.

Edward's kindhearted wife, Lila, was as shrewd as she was wise.  Their haughty daughter Tracy was a spoiled "bitch" who felt, by birthright alone, that she deserved her rightful share of the family fortune.  Unlike her brother Alan, Tracey had a natural affinity for big business--but "Daddy" Edward refused to recognize her prowess.  As a result, spiteful Tracy was always at odds with the rest of the family.  The Quartermaines were a rich--and quirky--bunch.

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