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GH Memorial Page #3

Anna Lee GH Memorial Page 3

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Pictures from General Hospital 7/16/04 Lila's Memorial Service Part 1

Alan and Monica prepare for the service and share fond memories of Lila.

Tracy comes in, annoyed, picking a fight with everyone.  Monica threatens to throw Tracy out, with Alice's help. 

Edward comes in, as do other Quartermaines, and much bickering ensues until Emily tells them all to stop, using Lila's phrase "That will be quite enough".  Monica agrees not to throw Tracy out, for Lila's sake.

Alan and Tracy share some heartfelt moments when she tells him how she feels about Lila's death and apologizes for how she has acted.

Mac, Felicia, Georgie and Maxie get ready for the memorial service.  Lucas and Bobbie arrive, too.

Kevin and Lucy arrive.  Lucy explains to everyone why she is wearing red, in honor of Lila.

Carly offers Jason her sympathies.

Meanwhile, Sonny meets Robin outside the church.  They discuss Lila,  Stone and Brenda.

Everyone meets up at the church.  Tracy has a hard time dealing with people saying so many nice things about her mother, especially people she doesn't like, but Alan keeps her in check.

Lois and Robin are happy to see each other again.  Robin meets Brooke Lynn.

Old friends Amanda Barrington, and Lee and Gail, give their condolences.  Ned thanks Alexis for coming.

Robin says hello to Carly and meets Michael.

Alan greets Lucy warmly.  Lucy and Kevin give their condolences.  Lucy accidentally insults Monica.  Kevin says Lila was the only truly sane person he knew.

July 14th  July 15th  July 16th part 2

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Page updated 8/6/16

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