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GH Memorial Page #2

Anna Lee GH Memorial Page 2

Pictures from General Hospital 7/15/04 when people are still reeling from Lila's death

At GH, Courtney finds Tracy taking over Lila's charity work and gets angry, threatening to go to Lila.  Tracy tells her that she's dead.  Courtney expresses her sympathy, but Tracy doesn't want to hear it.

Brooke Lynn brings in some fresh flowers and runs into Edward.  She wishes Lila had been able to teach her needlepoint.

Ric is surprised that Alexis is not taking her daughter Kristina to Lila's funeral.  He points out that the Quartermaines are her family and that Kristina might come to resent her for keeping her away from them.  Alexis wonders why it's his business.  Later, she grudgingly admits he had a point, so she's taking some time off.

Heather takes Lulu to Kelly's, where they see Bobbie.  Bobbie shares that Lesley is so disappointed that she can't get out of the hospital in time to go to Lila's memorial service.  Heather is shocked to learn that Lila is gone and thinks Edward must be "devastated".

On the docks, Jason tells Courtney how much he misses Lila; he wishes he had visited her more.

Elizabeth expresses her sympathy to Emily at Kelly's.  Bobbie joins them and they reminisce about Lila.  Emily has a flashback to when Lila asked Jason if the family could stay at Michael's baptism.

Lois also arrives with flowers.  Edward gives Brooke the needlepoint pillow that belonged to Lila.  Brooke, touched, leaves abruptly.  Lois expresses her sympathy to Edward, who chides her for not bringing Brooke back for visits.  Lois regrets that she kept Brooke away from them, especially Lila.  Both Lois and Edward thought that Lila would be around forever.

Jason worries that Emily is taking on everyone else's pain and not dealing with her own.  She asks him a favor -- to spend time with the Quartermaines.

Monica tries to write Lila's obituary.  She and Emily bond and hug.  Alan comes in and they hug him, too.

Edward is feeling depressed, looking at Lila's favorite roses.  Felicia brings him Lila's unfinished memoirs and tells him how much he meant to Lila.  They get sad and hug.

Jax flirts wth Courtney on the docks.  She tells him about Lila.  He gets very upset and wishes he'd spent more time with her.  Courtney wonders if his reaction is about his father.  He admits it is and says he misses him, too.

Faith tries to joke around and flirt with Justus, but he's not in the mood.  He tells her about Lila.  She is sorry that he is hurting.

Jason tells Michael about Lila and asks if he can visit her family.  Michael agrees to go, since Jason wants him to.  They hug.

Alan can't understand why Edward is so stoic.  Emily says he's still in shock.  Alan talks about his pain.  Monica consoles him.  Alan hopes he was a good son.

They are depressed about having to go to the memorial service tomorrow.  Jason cheers them up by bringing by Michael for a visit.  They are very grateful.

At Kelly's, Felicia tells Bobbie that Robin is coming back for the memorial  service.  She wonders why people wait until someone's gone to remember their love for them.

Elizabeth worries about Emily and asks Lucky's help to distract her from her grief.  He agrees to help.  Later, Lucky suggests to Emily that they go for a hike, and she agrees.

Lois and Brooke meet up at Kelly's.  Lois apologizes again to Brooke for not sharing her with Lila.

Heather expresses her sympathy to Tracy.  Tracy, who barely remembers her, tells her off.  Heather, undeterred, again says that Edward must be devastated (clearly she is up to something).

Edward looks at pictures of Lila.  Jason brings Michael for a visit, which cheers Edward up.  He shows Michael the photos and tells him the story of when they first met.  Jason watches awkwardly from behind.

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July 14th  July 16th part 1  part 2

Page updated 8/6/16

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