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GH Memorial Page #1

Anna Lee GH Memorial Page 1

Pictures from General Hospital 7/14/04 when Lila dies

Jason and Sam at home

Edward tells Justus that Lila died in her sleep.

Lucky and Elizabeth are at Kelly's when Nikolas comes in.  Emily learns about Lila's death.

Dillon is embarrassed at the hospital when Lois brings in his medication.  He denies it's his, so she pages Alan.  They are joking around when Monica comes up to inform them about Lila's death.

Georgie is telling her problems to Brook when they get the phone call about Lila.  Ned arrives, so Brooke tells him the bad news.

Ned has a flashback involving Lila and baby Brook.

Justus tells Tracy that Lila has died.  Later, Tracy has a flashback where Lila comforts her.

Felicia tells her daughters and Mac how great it was to get to know Lila and how important family was to her.  They eat Lila's favorite ice cream, strawberry, and toast her with their spoons

Nikolas tells Alexis about Lila's death and how it was painful for him to see Emily upset.

Emily tells Jason the bad news.  Jason and Emily reminisce about Lila.  Emily has a flashback to Lila telling her that Quartermaines are fighters.

Brook takes care of Lois, who is still in shock.  Lois regrets keeping Brook away from her family, especially Lila.

Ned insists on hugging Tracy.  Lois offers her condolences.  Dillon also arrives.

Alan and Monica arrive at the Quartermaine mansion.

Emily brings Jason to see his family.  Edward is very grateful.

Lucky is also there; he, Monica and Emily remember how Luke flirted with Lila, making Edward mad, and how Laura also loved her.

Tracy lets out her anger over her mother's death at her family.  Edward makes her shut up.  He and Alan hug her.

Jason tells Sam about Lila after hiding his tears.  Sam suggests they name their baby Lila.

Edward goes outside to get away from it all and finds Lila's roses.

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July 15th  July 16th part 1  part 2

Page updated 8/6/16

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